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Locomotive Museum
Photo by: Esko Peranto

Locomotive Museum
Photo by: Antti Kukila

Wallpaper Mill Museum
Kinnari Home Museum
Kylmäkoski Old Mill













The Locomotive Museum

A unique museum milieu situated in the immediate vicinity of Toijala’s busy rail yard and opposite to the railway station.

Address: Ryödintie 3, 37800 Akaa/Toijala
Open daily from June 1st to August 31st. Open in May by request. During the winter season, from Sept 1st to May 31st, the Locomotive Museum is closed.
Opening hours: 10 am to 4 pm
Phone: 040 335 3539 (during opening times)
Email: veturimuseo (at)
Entrance fees: adults 6€, children 3€, guided tour 30€ per group (a maximum of 25 people)
Free entrance for: children under four-years-old, war veterans, Akaa school and daycare groups

Kinnari Home Museum

At the museum old artefacts are shown in authentic surroundings. Tools, dishes, and other utensils used on farms in the Häme district are on display in the yard as well as the furnished rooms of its main building.

Address: Kinnarintie 42, Sotkia
Open from June to August, on Wednesdays and Sundays from 1 pm to 7 pm, or by request.
Katja Rupponen, phone: 050 433 3140
Timo Kinnari, phone: 0500 992 448
Entrance Fee: 3 euros for adults which includes a guided tour

Wallpaper Museum Pihlgren & Ritola

The only wallpaper museum in the Nordic countries was founded in Toijala (now part of the city of Akaa) in 1980 and has been maintained for 20 years by Pihlgren ja Ritola Oy (

Amongst the objects on display are Pihlgren & Ritola Oy’s first four-colour printing press and the whole production line and collections starting from the 1930’s.

The Museum is situated beside the factory in the building closest to the lake.

Address: Satamatie 8, 37800 Akaa
Open June, July and August: Mondays to Thursdays from 1 pm to 3 pm.
Phone: (03) 542 1090

Viiala Museum

The museum is moving to a new location so it will be closed for the time being. The new address and opening times will be added when it is opened.

A local museum specializing in industrial tradition. On display are Nirha Oy’s industrial history and Wiiala VPK’s (volunteer fire department’s) fire equipment. In the museum you can also see equipment and other artifacts that were used for file manufacturing at the only Finnish file factory, the Viiala File Factory. You can also find property left from the leather factory and some handicraft and household supplies.


Also visit

Kaukola Home Atelier

Seija Kinnarä's art work can be seen in every room.

Address: Kinnarintie 13 C, 37960 Akaa
Phone: 040 729 8178
Email: seijakinnari(at)

Kylmäkoski Old Mill

Every summer the mill hosts events such as the tossing of the hot stone, which is organized by the Kylmäkoski Society.

Mukelo Pram Museum

The prams at Mukelo Pram Museum that are both from Finland and the rest of Europe are from the 19th century until today and mainly collected by the museum’s owner. On display in Viiala's oldest house are the first prams used by wealthy gentlefolk and the evolution of prams during the time of industrial manufacturing.

Address: Riitiäläntie 202, 37830 Akaa/Viiala
Opening hours are by appointment
tel. 00358-40 771 2093
Email: maenpaat(at)

Admission fees: Voluntary admission fee

Guided tours are only available in Finnish



Toijalan Näyttämö ry
Winter theatre at Sampola, Sampolantie, Akaa/Toijala
Summer theatre at Toijala harbour
Phone: 040 744 3517

Viialan Työväennäyttämö ry
Nahkatehtaantie 10, 37830 Akaa/Viiala
Phone: 0400 969 490


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