Laaksola Cultural Center

Akaa Cultural Services

Address: Ryödintie 2, 37800 Akaa
Phone: 040 335 3377

Free admission to exhibits. Prebooking for groups by phone.

The Cultural Center Office, which was located in Laaksola, is now closed.

Exhibits will still be shown in Laaksola.

Welcome to Laaksola!

Renting Laaksola

Laaksola Cultural Center has two rooms for rent that include showrooms and a small kitchen. There is a large garden around the building. Laaksola is available for exhibitions, events and meetings.




A Short History

At the beginning of the 1900s Laaksola Culture Center was originally a one story tenement for the workers of Toijala’s beer factory. In 1918 the town of Akaa bought the building and it became a children’s home. In 1928 a four-roomed second floor was built. The children’s home closed in 1984. From 1985 Akaa’s cultural life has taken over the use of the building. Laaksola Cultural Center has been situated in the building since 2010.


Akaan kaupunki

PL 34, 37801 Akaa
Puh. (03) 569 1120