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The City of Akaa was founded in 2007 when the city of Toijala and the town of Viiala merged to become one city. It is new as a city but has a long tradition as a community. The cities of Toijala and Viiala share a largely common history. Communities have been united and divided in this region several times in the past. Since the strengths and challenges of these two cities were very similar, they decided to merge and continue as one new city. Kylmäkoski merged to become part of Akaa in 2011.

Akaa is a comfortable hometown for people of all ages and a great place to raise a family. The suitable size of the city makes it functional with a safe environment.

Excellent traffic connections are one of our strengths. There are railway stations both in Toijala and Viiala, and the motorway is located comfortably near both centres. Tampere and Hämeenlinna are only twenty minutes away, and it only takes 1.5 hours to Helsinki and to Turku.

Our main housing areas are concentrated around the three centres. Our cosy residential areas consist mainly of single family homes and are located close to both nature and urban services. Apartment buildings and row houses in various parts of the city add housing options for our residents.
Tarpia River with its Haihunkoski Rapids in Viiala and Lake Nahkiala with its surrounding parks in Toijala give life to our centres.

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A city of possibilities

In recent years a lot of work has been put into developing the centres of Akaa into functional and attractive entities. Supermarkets, specialist shops and various services bring comfort and ease into daily life.

New homes are rising rapidly in Akaa. City planning has created new housing areas in environmentally varied areas around the city. Home builders can choose from several options for various kinds of construction. You can find a place to build a house in cosy field areas or in a leafy forest. Our plots are large and prices reasonable. In our growing city there is plenty of space to live.

In addition to our own services, the services of Tampere and the Ideapark shopping centre are located at a comfortable distance.

Services for children

Most of our new residents are families with children. In the past few years we have paid special attention to developing children’s services. In addition to day care centres, we provide day care in family day care homes and group family day care. These alternatives ensure that families in Akaa can find the day care solutions to suit their varying needs. There are nine elementary schools in Akaa. The schools are small enough for young pupils and located at a comfortable distance from any part of the city. After finishing elementary school, pupils continue to one of our two schools for grades 7-9 and then to the upper secondary school located in the centre of the city. There are plenty of youth activities available in our youth centres.

Leisure options

Akaa boasts a host of leisure activities. In addition to reading rooms and loan services, our three libraries provide Internet connections, various changing exhibitions and cultural events. A wide range of courses is available at the Akaa lifelong learning centre.
Our town has an active cultural life and there are several lively associations involved in making art and producing events that inspire Akaa residents of all ages to participate. There are also plenty of possibilities to do sports. Our sports fields, jogging paths and indoor sports facilities are used by everyone, whether competing athletes, keep-fit enthusiasts or sport beginners. Our various sports teams welcome you to join, and our active sports clubs offer a wide range of sports to choose from.

You are of course welcome to exercise for fun and to enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings. The shores of Lake Vanajavesi are inviting in summer, and our nature paths make it easy for you to admire the environment.


Key location for business

Our town has a solid industrial base. A diverse business life has grown from strong tradition, a favourable location and excellent traffic connections. We have expertise in many fields. Several companies in Akaa specialize in serving the needs of industry. In addition to a few spearhead companies dealing mainly in exporting, there are several smaller engineering workshops and production plants for various industries. The new Akaa Point industrial area will further enhance the diversity of industrial life in Akaa. Situated between the population centres of Toijala and Viiala, Akaa Point offers an excellent logistical location.In addition to industrial activities, the city plan for the area allows possibilities for various kinds of businesses, offices and warehousing. Parts of the area have also been reserved for housing and related services and recreational areas.

A Sweet City

Known for its active people and millions of nectar pollinators, Sweet Akaa is a forerunner in city apiaries. As the Honey Capital, Akaa is officially Finland's number one for honey production and for the city bees' home base.The popular city apiary adds to nature's diversity as well as improves the quality of, and increases the size of, the harvest in the whole area. Akaa started a planned city apiary in 2009. The working beekeepers in the city have placed the apiaries so that the bee's pollination areas cover all three population centers. At the moment over 20 million bees live in over apiaries. A corresponding scale of city bee apiaries has not, as far as is known, been carried out elsewhere in the whole of Europe.


Location of City Apiaries in Akaa




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