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Romanialaisia kirjoja Akaan pääkirjastossa Toijalassa



Bine aţi venit! La Biblioteca Română veţi putea găsi cărţi româneşti şi muzică.
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  • Romania library consists of the special collection (books, music and other media) of Akaa city library plus the related holdings of the other libraries of the PIKI consortium. There are over 2 200 books in the collections as well as some 250 items of music recordings and other media.The main part is located at Akaa city library at Toijala. Romania library is for all those who are interested in the country and culture of Romania. The Akaa city library collection has been built thanks to donations from the Romanian National Library over a lengthy period of time. Besides novels, short stories and essays, there are books on handicrafts, folklore,art, literary criticism and Romania's history and archaeology.


    The great majority are written in Romanian, but many are written in English, French, German or Finnish. Not a few books in Romanian include a summary in English (or a résumé or Zusammenfassung) and some are fully bilingual or multilingual. Many books, e.g. in the field of handicrafts and pictorial arts, may well be used with no or minimal knowledge of Romanian.

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    All material is available for inter-library loans. Contact the appropriate PIKI library or ask your nearest library to make an inter-library loan for you. Normally a fee is charged on the service.

    Links for further reading...

    http://romania.ici.ro/ General information on Romania (in English and Romanian). Hosted by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, Bucharest

    http://helsinki.mae.ro/index.php?lang=en : Embassy of Romania in Finland

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